Top 5 Reasons To Travel Abroad Through AIESEC


You may be questioning why you should go abroad through AIESEC. Sure, you want to travel over the world and see new things, but there are a lot of options to go abroad, right? None of those options will match an AIESEC internship and here are just a few reasons why…

5. Super Cost Effective

The expenses of traveling know no bounds; between transportation, housing, and other commodities, your wallet feels a bit bare. Traveling through AIESEC keeps you worry-free when it comes to expenses, since usually all those necessities are covered in your fees.

4. A Taste of Independence

If moving out of your parents’ place feels like a big step towards freedom, imagine traveling by yourself to a completely unfamiliar country. As scary as it may sound, being in a totally new environment gives young people like us the opportunity to grow into ourselves.

3. A Tangible Difference

All the exchange participants I’ve spoken with can agree that they’ve witnessed a noticeable change, not only in themselves, but also the communities they worked with. No matter the task they were assigned, our exchange participants got immediate satisfaction from the efforts they put into their work.

2. Complete Cultural Immersion

Study abroad is becoming increasingly popular these days among students, but a common complaint I’ve heard is being trapped in a cultural “bubble.” When my brother took a study abroad trip to Paris, he was surrounded by other students from his university almost constantly. With AIESEC, participants are able to interact with students from all around the world, in addition to peers in the host country. By avoiding the cultural “bubble,” AIESEC allows its students a chance to step out of their comfort zone and discover themselves.

1. The Lifelong Friends and Experiences Gained

When you go on an AIESEC internship, you don’t just meet people from that country…you meet people from all over the world. Even though everyone comes from different backgrounds and speaks different languages, people who go on these internships share common interests, goals, and a longing for change. When you come back from this experience, not only will you have changed yourself, the community you are living in, but the new friends you meet. You come back with a whole new group of friends who have different perspectives than what you may be accustomed to. Going on an AIESEC internship is one of the most unique things you can do while in college and going through those experiences with new friends makes an unimaginable and unequivocal experience.

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